Booking with Booking Agent Multi-party Collaboration Flexible Configuration Enter the Agent System
Booking with Carrier Direct Connection Carriers Safe and Reliable Enter the Carrier System
Product Features
Trust and choice from 100000+ customers around the world
One Stop Entrance One-stop booking experience, unified interface and interactive logic at multiple ports
Multi Role Coordination Freight forwarders, booking agents, carriers, etc
Cross Regional services Services include China's coastal ports, Yangtze and Pearl River inland ports, and overseas ports
Functional Characteristics
New experience of digital and efficient booking
Online Booking
Submit bookings online quickly
Bill of Lading (B/L)
Convenient and Efficient
The EDI is directly connected to the carrier
Streamline the Process
Quick Receipt
Shipping Order Identification
One-click Upload Identification
Simple operation
Improve efficiency
Quality Agent
Platform selects high-quality booking agents
Industry News
Understand the latest industry trends and grasp business opportunities
Sincere Cooperation
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